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TandemGeek 08-10-19 05:45 AM

Tandem Cycling Info for Crossville Tennessee Area
We have some tandem cycling friends who are moving from Southeast Pennsylvania to Crossville, Tennessee that we'd like to get plugged into the "local" cycling and tandem cycling communities. I know there is / was a very active tandem cycling group near Franklin, Tennessee, that is aligned with the Harpeth Cycling Club but can find my contacts lists from past events which had Email addresses and the like.

So, if anyone can offer any leads that we can share with our friends, please send me an IM. I'd be greatly appreciative.

Trsnrtr 08-10-19 06:13 PM

One word for Crossville, TN - HILLY.

Seriously, we used to have a condo there and it is seriously up and down. :)

sch 08-11-19 01:48 PM

Franklin is over 100 miles from Crossville. Oak Ridge/Knoxville are a lot closer. A google on bicycle clubs in
those two towns might be useful, as might a few calls to tandem dealers in that area, info obtainable from
Comotion and Santana websites.

It is in a hilly area but there are valley roads. Tandemed through the area several times about 10 yrs ago.
Crossville was one of our stops.

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