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Alcanbrad 11-26-19 07:37 PM

Our 15 seconds of fame
We didn't get a super-nice or inspirational photo on the GCN network, but we did claim 15 seconds of fame. (Link will take you straight to the segment)

We'll be signing autographs this Saturday :-)

EDIT: The link I entered aboved included the timestamp but the video starts at the beginning. Try this link:

(We'll extend our autograph meet and greet one more week :-))

LV2TNDM 12-02-19 01:21 PM

Ha, ha! Nice hat. Nicer jersey!!!

No link that I could find, so for everyone looking, skip to 17:33.


GrainBrain 12-02-19 02:14 PM

Ha ha I just watched this and wondered if they were a member and then this thread popped up :thumb:.

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