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twocicle 04-16-20 05:09 PM

Dually Landshark e-Tandem MTB
Posting this from a FaceBook friend, Eric Nelson.

Custom Landshark hardtail frame. Dual Shimano E8000 motors, independent pedaling (similar to da Vinci IPS). BTW, this is also a "mullet" build - 27.5"rear, 29er front.

For more info, go to the "Tandem e-bikes" Facebook group.

radsmd 04-18-20 09:40 AM

Very cool. Would be interested to know how it rides compared to a single motor setup.

twocicle 04-18-20 04:03 PM

Eric says it works great. Both sets of cranks have their own crank torque sensors which results in each motor working just like it would on a single e-bike - according to Eric.

I suggest going to the FB Tandem e-bikes group for more info. Eric has posted a lot more photos and info, plus a video showing how the IPS works for capt and stoker. Total build weight is around 63lbs, which is awesome for a dual motor MTB e-bike Tandem.

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