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cyclehealth 10-23-20 06:53 PM

Schwalbe Hurricane Tires for Older Burley
Is there any good reason NOT to mount a pair of new generation Schwalbe Hurricane 26 x 2.10 tires onto a 2002 Burley Rock n Roll? I think 2.10 is the max tire that will fit. We are an older couple, sixtyish, and ride most miles on pavement but also a lot of rail trails that are mostly unpaved, dirt roads, and just a small amount of single track just for the fun of it.
I am open to other tire suggestions.

preventec47 10-24-20 06:53 AM

I just bought two of the Marathon Plus Schwalbe tires which were there top most puncture proof tire and I love their looks and feel but have not ridden them
yet. ( caused interference with brakes ) For 700x 38C their pressure is 55-85psi and I thought that was pretty good. This is the tire that has the 5mm thick boundry armor under the tread to minimize puncture.

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