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mtn_cyclist 03-05-21 08:16 AM

I have a custom MTB tandem in the works and am looking for a high end crankset. What do you recommend? Thanks!

Leisesturm 03-05-21 12:51 PM

Speaking only for myself, the question you have asked is quite broad. I don't know a whole lot about custom bikes but I imagine you had to give the builder a fair bit of insight into how you plan to use the tandem. It seems to me that they would be in the best position to advise on component choices? Failing that, then you might want to tell us if this tandem is going to need very low gearing or will it be 1 x ??. Will the Stoker cranks be same as Captain or shorter? You also have choices now that we didn't have back in the day like Gates Belt timing ... um, chains. Bottom line, I don't know anything about the 'high end' of things but IMO anyone that does will still need to know some of the things I asked earlier to help you narrow things down.

Ross200 03-05-21 09:15 PM

TA or daVinci. Modular so they can be whatever you want and need. Very wide range of lengths. Strong AND light. Make your own chainline!

What's not to like?

akexpress 03-10-21 12:57 PM

On a mountain tandem Im not sure a" high end " crankset is needed or desired. We use Middleburn cranks on our Calfee Adventure tandem and our Ventana full suspension mtn tandem. On the mountain tandem if you ride anything technical you will have pedal strikes etc. Also I would not consider a Gates belt for a timing belt for the same reasons as sometimes we strike the timing chains going over stuff like sharp crested bumps. An alloy crankset is appropriate in these bikes not a carbon crankset. Just my opinion based on our experience.

sapporoguy 03-10-21 04:12 PM

Originally Posted by mtn_cyclist (Post 21953249)
I have a custom MTB tandem in the works

Not spot-on-topic, but what frame are you using?
(Considering building a MTB tandem myself.)

LV2TNDM 03-11-21 01:08 AM

Pedal/crank strikes are definitely a regular occurrence on a mountain tandem being used in "the fun stuff."
How's the budget?
Does Cane Creek make an E-Wings tandem version? Their Ti cranks are considered pretty darn bullet proof.
But at $1,000 a pop, that's gonna be a NICE mountain tandem!!! (A tandem version would certainly cost 2.5X or more than a standard pair, I'm sure!)

longpete 03-11-21 02:51 AM

Tandem cranksets that shift perfect and don't drop the chain, with hollow axles are expensive and hard to find. Timing and driving chainwheels on the right side makes the choice much larger.
My choice was in the rear Shimano triple with 104 BCD diameter: XT, XTR but even deore works fine. Up front u can also choose narrow wide
Parts easy too find, 11 speed price ok and DI2 just works better then a tandem wit cable gears. Parts u find everywhere.
The BSA bottom brackets work fine and last long.
If u choose boost i think it will be even more complicated to find cranks and brackets for square axles. It gets also more and morE complicated to find qualIty parts for traditional tandem cranks.
For the moment a lot is simply not available or taKes at least 2 months delivery time.

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