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Monoborracho 06-20-21 09:24 AM

Spinergy Wheels - 2mm ring?
Last fall I shipped to the factory, for repair, a set of Spinergy XL wheels (10 spd shimano style freehub). Something was loose inside the rim. The wheels were 5 years old.

Raves to Spinergy - the put a new set of rims in place at no charge. Great service.

I only pulled them from the boxes today. Spinergy sent new rim tape and skewers. So, again, Great Service.

The rear wheel package included spoke tools and also a 1.85mm alloy ring that will fit over the freehub? Any idea what that is for?

I'll call Spinergy tomorrow but was hoping to put the wheels on and take a ride this PM.


himespau 06-20-21 09:39 AM

Is it a spacer to run a 9/10 speed cassette on a hub meant for 11 speed?

Monoborracho 06-20-21 03:04 PM

Originally Posted by himespau (Post 22109925)
Is it a spacer to run a 9/10 speed cassette on a hub meant for 11 speed?

I it might be.
My initial thoughts were something like that but a 4.5mm is required for 7 speed on an 8-9-10 freehub. At about 1.85mm, as measured by micrometer, it is almost same as a single 10 speed cog. At those sizes my micrometer will give a slightly different reading every time I check.

I didn't really think about the 9/10 to 11 hub you mentioned but then my busiest wheel is only 10 speed.


Alcanbrad 06-20-21 06:32 PM

From the interwebs:

Shimano Cassette Spacers
  • For use on 11-Speed freehub body with 9 or 10-Speed cassette
  • Using 10-Speed cassette on 11-Speed freehub body requires both 1.85mm (FW8991) and 1.0mm (FW4671) spacer
  • Using 9-Speed cassette on 11-Speed freehub body only requires 1.85mm (FW8991) spacer
I believe most 10 speed cassettes come with a 1mm spacer. I don't know if this is still the case, I have many of these in my bits and bobs bin that I don't really pay attention to whether I get another one or not.

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