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jethro00 08-21-21 07:35 AM

I am not kidding. Pulling and disassembling the intermediate shaft is not a simple task and involves tools typical bike owners do not use very often, further complicating the job. While I can now pull the intermediate shaft, I have to lay the bike on its side (freewheels down), stick something under the freewheel tool to keep it from falling out, use my foot to hold the Crescent wrench on the freewheel tool, and then use the chain whip in a horizontal position to keep it from slipping off. While that does work, I am guessing others have come up with more elegant ways of doing this. I think a video would be a big help to daVinci owners.

I don't know how it is in other cities, but here the LBS (since Covid) will only work on bikes they sold. So, if you have a daVinci, you're on your own to work on it (except for this listserv and Todd).

sdodd 08-21-21 08:28 AM

I'm not sure I agree that these are unusual tools? To remove my intermediate shaft I use:
1) bike stand
2) chain whip
3) crescent wrench
4) DFB tool
Out of those the DFB tool is the only unusual tool.
Sounds like the big difference between what you do and what I do is the bike stand, which helps hold the tandem while you work on it.

jethro00 08-21-21 01:14 PM

While a chain whip is not a specialty tool like the DFB tool, what I meant is that most bike owners don't have one.

I have a bike stand. But, with the bike on the stand, I had difficulty holding the crescent wrench on the DFB tool while also keeping the chain whip in place. The chain whip kept slipping off. So, I put the bike horizontal which makes it easier to keep the chain whip in place, and allows me to use my foot to keep the crescent wrench from moving. Hence, I would like to see a video of how others are doing this. It's a lot easier to put the bike on the stand than it is to put it on the floor and get down on the floor to work on it.

jethro00 08-21-21 02:14 PM

<<Shift into the largest front sprocket, smallest rear sprocket, hold the rear brake, and stand on the captain’s pedal for a moment. The torque from the chain on the freewheel will thread it on the rest of the way.>>

That was a great idea!!! I did exactly as you suggested, and voila - the gap disappeared.
As a bonus, I used my new torque wrench set to tighten the eccentrics. That's the first time I have been able to regulate the torque other than the feels about right method.

S-o-o-o, I took her out for a test spin. Naturally, it's 92 degrees, humid, and a lot of traffic on my nearby smooth road with a bike lane. But, I didn't care because there is no grinding. The captain's freewheel must have been worn. I can't get into the big ring. I'll put her on the stand and work on that before our morning ride tomorrow.

Now we have a new cassette, chains, all rings, and freewheels. With proper maintenance, those parts should last a while. I can't thank all of you enough for the help. I doubt I would have figured all the issues out without you.

jccaclimber 08-21-21 08:14 PM

Ok jethro00 , as requested, a video of DFB removal and installation. I also demonstrated how to remove the sprockets with a single chain whip, although that part may only be applicable to older models. Anyhow, let me know what you think of the video. Looking back I made a mistake around the 9:30 mark. I didn't keep the drive chain fully seated on the stoker's crank which is why I had a hard time getting the DFB to thread back on nicely.

jethro00 08-22-21 04:01 PM

That's a really good video! I learned something from watching it. Thanks for doing the video. Seeing the process is better than just reading the directions and looking at a diagram.

jethro00 08-23-21 08:15 AM

We have ridden twice since installing the new freewheels, about 1.5 hours on Sunday and 45 minute this morning. We had a flat front tire on Sunday about half way into our ride. Fortunately, a set of new Schwalbe Marathon Mondials had arrived a few days ago. So, I replaced both tires after we got home. The Grand Junction is running smoothly now, no grinding or slipping.

sdodd 08-23-21 08:24 AM

Glad to hear that you have things running again! Enjoy the tandem!

jethro00 10-09-21 12:42 PM

I want to once again thank all of you who chimed in with information and advice. Our area is still getting put back together in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Starting with the second morning after Ida, we were able to take our morning bike ride on the daVinci Grand Junction. As we await a new roof and window replacement, we really appreciate our morning bike rides, facilitated by the information and advice we received on this forum.

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