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bockwho 08-03-05 11:57 PM

update on velocity wheels
I picked up a 40 hole disk compatiable on a velocity hub for the front. and a 48 hole rear with a shimano hub drum thread both were velocity dyad rims.

from chucks bikes

we have placed about 500 on the wheelset took the front to the LBS to have it trued up light break rubbing. lbs would not touch it .. the following gripes ... spokes were not set no spoke prep used ... kept telling me this was wrong and the wheel is cheap. ... yada yada yada .. so I called chucks bikes and found out where my front wheel was made. (by velocity in MI) .. called them asked a few questions told him what was going on and what the lbs said.

told me they dont use spoke prep and gave me a ra number and to ship it back. it will be fixed and I will be happy with it.

I will let you know the outcome.


dfcas 08-04-05 07:02 AM

Sounds like sour prapes to me.I've built wheels for 13 years,and I detest spoke prep,as it tends to bind the nipples when it ages.I use grease.

That said,I have a set of Velocity 40 hole diec hubs laced to deep V rims,built by Velocity,and they are fine.Get a different bike shop or learn to true your own wheels.


bockwho 08-04-05 08:14 AM

I think so considering he quoted me over 500 for a tandem wheel set.

We just had a shop from across town open up a shop close and while I like it better than the old one.

Im not sure I like their mtc dept as much .. over the years Ive learned to do alot to my bike except true wheels... I guess thats next.( I can do simple mtb or 30 hole wheels and they stay for a little while.)

some people think the prep is required others think its a waste of time.

back to topic velocity is standing behind their used wheel with no questions asked.

dfcas 08-04-05 12:13 PM

Its normal for spokes to loosen a little after some use like yours have had.If they just need truing,it seems a waste to have to ship them off and be without them for that time.

When mine get loose/out of true or whatever,I intend to loosen all nips,grease the threads,put a very small dot of 80-90 weight gear oil on the nipple where it contacts the rim,and retension them.

It would be very handy if you could do this yourself,since you may well tank a pothole or such on a ride and bend a rim.It would be great if you could true the wheel enough to get home.

Consider buying Jobst Brandt's book "The Bicycle Wheel".It has more than enough info in it to teach you to lace ,tension,stress relieve,and build wheels better than are commonly out there.

I have a small bicycle repair business,but its cheaper for me to buy wheels than the parts to build them.I just rebuild and tension them when the time comes.


bockwho 08-04-05 07:08 PM

shipping was not too big of a deal for me .. we get a deal thru DHL I shipped from Atlanta to MI for 5.75 in a box.

but the down town time is a pain .. I will most likely take it to the other bike shop I trust a few of those mechanics.

Roadie Rob 08-07-05 08:59 PM

If you told the LBS where you got the wheels, you made the first mistake. Most every shop I know and the ones my friends own DISPISE places like Chuck's, Nashbar, etc... because they end up with the "cheap end" of the deal when repairs and re-bulids are needed on parts not sold through their shop.

Economically speaking, a $30 truing job takes 15 minutes for an experienced mechanic. A $500 wheel build that is ordered and received (most of the time with a 5 minute spin to ensure it is true) spends no shop time and the profit margin is greater. Not too many will hand-build and those will have even bigger margins built in. When that wheel comes back, a few extra minutes is still worth the margin on the intial sale.

I have a similar wheel to Chucks (Velocity hubs, 700c Dyad rims)- have not used it yet as they are my spare tandem wheels in case of an issue with my Hugi / Mavic A719's. They look great in my basement though - I'm sure they'll ride fine someday too!

Point is this - I love Chuck's and all the web shops. I have several frames from his site and spend several grand per year through him. I also spend countless hours helping the local shop and rookies, honing my skills, and buying hundreds worth of Park tools to do all of my own wrenching.

If you speak the truth, be prepared for the backlash. If you bend the truth (say you got them before you moved, friend sold them from afar, etc...), you will be less likely to hear a line of [email protected] like you heard from your LBS.

If you didn't tell them the purchase point, then simply, they are j&rks and should be closed down by a bigger chain (just kidding...).

Good luck on the re-build!

bockwho 08-09-05 10:31 PM

I am almost certian that he figured I picked them up from someplace like that. I Have a great relationship with this shop but this is defiantly going to tarnish it a bit. .. I guess what chaps my hide more is the fact that I did spend almost 900 incl gear to (outfit my wife) and he bulks at my wheel. oh well... from now on these wheels will go to the other shop. end of story

back to the issue I posted about velocity recived them on a tuesday and I had them monday afternoon. I DHL'd (b/c of discount) and they ups'd back to me. I will ride it on Thursday with my nephew.

All seems to be good I tossed it up on my truing stand to see and its on ... let you know after its riden.


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