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willcycle 08-17-05 08:41 PM

Side pull tandem brake
I give up on keeping my front V brake quiet on my '05 Burley Tosa. I have the Avid Ultimate V brake and the amount of toein required to keep it from squeeling is so great as to cause rapid brake shoe wear. Does anyone know of a side pull brake that would work with the Steel Burley fork? I tried mounting an 8 speed Dura-Ace brake but the shoes don't reach and the mounting bolt doesn't fit through the steerer hole.


TandemGeek 08-17-05 09:11 PM

Call the folks at Burley and see what they suggest as a way to solve your brake noise since they spec'd the brake in the first place. You paid for the customer support and warranty when you bought the tandem so you might as well make use of it.

As for long-reach calipers, the Shimano R600 are the best available. I believe Tektro also offers a less expensive model. Regardless, if the stock caliper bolt and recessed brake nut aren't long enough just get a hold of an extra-long recessed brake nut, similar to the ones that come with just about every carbon fork.

wsurfn 08-18-05 12:22 PM

Hmmm. The Tosa normally comes with Tetro mini-v's, or at least ours ('04) did. I just upgraded to Avid Ultimate V's with Travel Agents and I love them. No squeal from ours yet. I did also upgraded to the Burley/AQ carbon fork at the same time. Note, we went with Velocity Deep-V rims instead of the stock Sun Fusions when we bought our bike. I am a very happy camper so far.

Apparently, Speedgoat notes the Avid Ultimates squeal with ceramic coated rims...


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