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AndyGrow 09-13-05 03:46 PM

How often do you ride your tandem vs. your 1/2 bike?
Vickie and I were talking and we were wondering if you guys and gals ride your tandems or your singles more often?

We took one for a spin (5 miles) - and even though the size was too small, it was a blast (we both thought so).

I can see an addiction forming, very easily. Any chance we'll ever give up the singles? :D

zonatandem 09-13-05 04:43 PM

We ride our tandem 5 days a week; pilot rides his single once a week since retirement (used to commute to work 5 days a week on single).
Living in southern AZ we do get to ride 13 months out of the year!
Been doing that for years . . . guess we are addicted!

gregm 09-13-05 05:35 PM

I ride the tandem solo every weekday, for half of each direction of the commute.

I also often ride the tandem solo, just because I like the bike and its components better than my single...!


cornucopia72 09-13-05 06:00 PM

We ride about four times a week, about 800 miles a month. I ride my single 1/10 of the time. My wife/stoker rides her single very seldom <1/100.

JMarino 09-13-05 06:47 PM

We ride our tandem on Saturday and Sunday - averaging 40 - 50 miles in a day. We also ride 15 mile fitness ride at max speed on Tuesday, and I get to ride my single on Thursday nights. My stoker/wife soesn't ride otherwise becuase of eye problems so we make the most of the tandem. Love'n every mile.


simsi 09-13-05 07:05 PM

I ride a single 2 days week commuting to work and ride the tandem the other days when my wife works - it's about 20-30 mins each way. I would usually train (for racing) on a single for another 3-5 h per week. We also nearly always get out on the tandem sometime over the weekend for a 2 h ride. I think if I could persuade my wife to time trial we would ride the tandem more often. However, I'm not sure how many time trial tandems would have a baby seat on the back!

galen_52657 09-13-05 09:10 PM

I try to get out on my bike 5 days out of 7:

Saturday - 4 hour + hard ride on singles with male buds or local race
Sunday - 2 or 3 hour tandem ride, depending on how long girlfriend wants to go
Monday - off
Tuesday - Singles w/gurlfriend (mostly coasting for me)
Wednesday - Very hard hour and a half group ride on singles
Thursday - off
Friday - hour and a half tandem ride

Sk8erByker 09-14-05 06:40 AM

We ride our tandems exclusively. We both rode singles for years prior to our 1st tandem. We enjoy the tandem so much, the singles just sit in the garage & collect dust!

lmzimmer 09-14-05 07:02 AM

If your question is "will we ride the tandem enough to justify the cost?" Here is how it worked for us- we went from frewuebt weekend rides to almost daily rides schedule and daylight permitting. our annual mileage went from 300-500 to >2000. Tandem 6-7 days a week in the summer and on weekends after daylight fades, I ride the single on my days off and in evenings in the fall and early spring. We also occaisonally ride on rail/bike trails and use singles (tandems can be a problem there if there is a lot of other traffic due to dodging other people and frewuendt stops). My wife even enjoys riding on moderate winter days ( with appropriate clothing- something she never did before we got the tandem)

tandemonium 09-14-05 07:32 AM

We tend to ride our tandem 1 or 2 days a week - offroad. There are few shoulders, and the traffic can be quite hostile here so we stick to dirt or cycle trails. I ride my MTB usually 2 or 3 times per week in addition to the tandem rides. Our tandem mileage varies between 12 -25 miles per ride depending on the hills and coarseness of the terrain. Free time is our greatest limiting factor. My wife enjoys riding the tandem much more than her single. The tandem is a completely different experience and is worth every penny you'll spend on it.

George Handy 09-14-05 07:50 AM

I'd estimate that my milage is usually 70-90% on the tandem. The higher, the better!

AndyGrow 09-14-05 09:46 AM

Sweet...thanks for all the replies. I have a feeling we'll be more of the "majority on the tandem" crowd, with a day or two of single riding per week.

Can't wait to get our new bike!

halfbiked 09-14-05 12:27 PM

halfbiked and his better half have been riding half bikes all year. :( Too much time buying a new house, moving & fixing old houses for sale.

DaveB1234 09-14-05 01:52 PM

We've almost had our tandem two weeks and I haven't ridden my single since -- could be because I had to take my pedals for the tandem until I get another set. I am missing my road bike though and will probably go either tonight or tomorrow.

The nice thing about the tandem is its more fun because it's easier to talk and enjoy the ride and go faster and further as opposed to both of us on our singles.

Brian the Red 09-14-05 05:27 PM

Slowly easing back into biking and tandeming, plan on a ratio of 3 rides for singles to one tandem for now.

vintagelongbike 09-14-05 06:39 PM

Actually, going solo is only a 1/3 bike, or a 1/4 bike, or a 1/7 bike (Franklin Institute 7-seater).

TandemGeek 09-14-05 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by vintagelongbike
Actually, going solo is only a 1/3 bike, or a 1/4 bike, or a 1/7 bike (Franklin Institute 7-seater).

That's why I've tried to adopt the terminology of "personal" or "single" vs. the various .5, half, 1/2 bike references. It wasn't really all that much I paid attention to until I helped another multiseat captain put together "Triplets and Quads and Quints, Oh My!, A List of FAQs For Those Considering The Purchase Of A Tandem With Three Or More Seats" that I host off of my tandem info Web site.

woodcycl 09-15-05 06:54 AM

If my stoker/GF was into cycling as much as I am ... then we'd ride the tandem 90% of the time if not close to 100%. However, because she isn't into cycling as much as I am ... it seems I ride my single about 80% of the time and the tandem about 20% of the time.

If I had my druthers, and she enjoyed riding the tandem as much as possible ... I think I'd be more of:

80% tandem
20% single

I still really enjoy riding my single ... even though the tandem team experience is a true blast. I couldn't give up the single totally ... so the 20% would give me my "fix" so-to-speak if my GF wanted to ride most of the time.

mudmouse 09-15-05 07:30 PM

We just got our first tandem this summer, but pretty much, if both of us are riding, it will be on the tandem! It's just too much fun. It's just an older khs sport that is probably too small for us as well, and I don't like the upright riding position, but I'll still pick it over the singles. Now we're saving our pennies and dimes for our next tandem - with drop bars, more gears and 700c.

ElRey 09-16-05 04:25 AM

I went from 150 miles/week on my racing bike to zero... 'course I'm no longer able to race, but the tandem has really become an enjoyable alternative for us. Anybody want to buy a like-new C40HP with all the goodies?

merlinextraligh 09-16-05 07:31 AM

The amount we use the tandem depends on the workouts that are on the schedule. We have a different level of fitness, so long steady endurance rides work best on the tandem. Shorter intervals we do on our single bikes, because we can do the interrvals at the prescribed effort and then regroup for the recovery phase.

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