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brianb 09-20-05 07:04 PM

Does anyone run the new Cateye Double Wireless computer for the stoker? I have a wireless flight deck on the front of our new Comotion Speedster and I love it. I am considering the Cateye for the stoker because I don't want any wires on the bike. My question deals with the handlebar mount on the Cateye. Cateye's website says it is a mount that positions the computer in front of the handlebar, and I am concerned that it will be under my butt when we are riding. On our setup, the front edge of the stoker bar is 2 inches from the rear of my saddle, and the top of the bar is 2 inches below the bottom of my saddle. Is this going to be an issue? I have read the other related threads on this computer, but don't see this issue mentioned. Is the mount similar to the flight deck mount, where it clamps to the bar, or does the Cateye mount clamp to the stem? Thanks...

Cycliste 09-21-05 06:22 AM

The mount clamps to the bar, not the stem. The screen leans forward to the bar so yes, there is a chance it will be under the capt' seat.
Other problem I have heard is about the crank magnet that may hit the left chain.

rmac 09-22-05 06:42 PM

The main unit can be mounted in front of the bars or behind the bars. If you mount it behind the bars it should not be under the captain's seat.

We have a Cannondale R1000 M/S and I don't see how the crank magnet would hit the left chain ring. Perhaps if the rear wheel were very close to the stoker's seat tube or the chainring were very large the sensor could hit the chain ring, but even then you could just move the sensor back further. The only problem I could see is if there was little clearance between the crankarm and the chainstay where you want to mount the sensor.

Has anyone tried 1 sensor and two main units?

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