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rlong 10-18-05 07:47 PM

rear brake booster
We have a Burley Rock n Roll that we use strictly for road riding in an area that has a lot of long downhills, so I'm working on increasing my breaking power. We currently have Shimano Deore LX cantilevers with stock pads (no Koolstops yet).
I recently read an article suggesting the use of a brake booster (daVinci Small Stiffy)to prevent seat stay flex during brakeing with the rear brake to reduce the mushy feeling some steel frames exhibit. Any thoughts, or experience with these things? Other than possibly for tandems, boosters seem to be old school. All the local shop kids scratch their heads saying "We used to have some of those around." As far as the brakes go, I'm up in the air about changing to linear pull breaks. I may do that next, but will try Koolstop Salmon pads first, and maybe a drag break, maybe.

tornadobass 10-22-05 03:47 PM

We switched the brakes on our '98 Burley Rumba from cantilevers to Tektro mini-V brakes like Burley uses now, along with Travel Agents. It was a good improvement and these Tektro brakes are fairly inexpensive...around $30 for the pair. If your Rock n Roll has mountain levers, they might have enough pull on their own to do the job.

zonatandem 10-22-05 08:33 PM

Brake boosters reduce some of the flex exhibited on some frames, whether front or rear brake.
Try that first; if not satisfactory the Tektro V-brakes, as aforementioned, are a good and inexpensive upgrade.
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

DrPete 10-22-05 09:02 PM

I was actually pretty disappointed with the Tektro Mini-V's that came mounted on our Burley Tosa. I don't know if it was an issue of not having the travel agent, but the Mini-V setup (supposedly) doesn't need them. I threw an Avid Single Digit 7 on the front with a travel agent and the difference is impressive.

Brian 10-22-05 11:14 PM

Boosters can be found cheap on ebay. They seem to be plentiful around my garage as well, but the postage would be prohibitive.

George Handy 10-23-05 08:48 AM

Had some small DaVinci ones on our steel Trek w/ Avid V-brakes, and took them off when I put fenders on the bike. Can't really tell any difference without them. Do get the Koolstop salmon pads-they really work!

vosyer 10-25-05 12:51 AM

I have 2 tandems a Bilenky with a Salsa brake booster - with Paul brakes - very good stopping power, but I also have a Arai drum for long down hill descents. I don't like V-Brakes which are on my new Mocha
Co-Motion. but I don't have enough time to judge these but I am adding another Arai drum. I can tell you the right pads make a world of difference - on my old Santana I used the red all weather Ritchey cantilever pads and they were awesome and my current Paul's use three colored Eagle Pads. By the way if you find a set of self engerized Pederson brakes they have great stopping power as well - I have set in my part box in case the V- Brakes on the Co-Motion don't pan out. Mike

rlong 10-25-05 10:31 PM

Thanks everyone! I went ahead and purchased the Small Stiffy brake booster from daVinci Designs and picked up a set of Shimano XTR's for an outstanding price. The XTR's will have Travel Agents on them as well. I assume the Koolstop Salmon pads will still add something to the XTR's? I really need to get this bike back on the road!! My new Trek Pilot just went back to the factory to be replaced and I am reduced running/walking:(

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