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jnbrown 09-20-07 08:48 AM

Hadley Hub Dimensions?
Does any body know the dimensions for the Hadley Hubs used on Santana?
I have worn out the braking surface on my rims and need to rebuild.

Thanks - Joel

cornucopia72 09-20-07 09:02 AM

Call Mark at precison Tandems and he can get you all you need.

By the way, did your wheels come with Hadley hubs? Are you replacing the hubs or only the rims and spokes? The reson I am asking is: If you are replacing the hubs and they are Hadley, I will be interested on buying the hub axles from you.

jnbrown 09-20-07 10:58 AM

I did email Mark.
Just replacing rims and spokes, keeping the hubs.

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