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the desert fox 10-03-07 09:22 AM

can i use BB7 road calipers with V-brake levers?
how much cable pull does it need to actuate the AVID BB7 road caliper?
going back to to my subject/question, is it possible to use the combo mentioned?
i'd eventually like to go with a dropbar on my T900 but not enough funds to do the full conversion immediately. i know i can get the BB7 mtb caliper and use a travel agent later-on, but i would rather have a simple cable run and the least gizmos attached to the braking system.

any advise?
thanks in adavnce!

Rincewind8 10-03-07 09:56 AM

I don't recommend using the road version of the BB7 with v-brake levers. For the moment I have this setup on my single MTB bike and I barely can make that stop (I had a set of the road version in my parts bin, but I'll order the MTB version this week). Stopping the added mass on a tandem within a reasonable distance will be almost impossible.

You need to squeeze the MTB levers proportionally harder to result in the same braking force as with road levers.

UNLESS you use MTB levers that can be switched to Canti/road lever cable pull (e.g. Performance bike generic MTB brake levers)

JTGraphics 10-03-07 10:38 AM

I'd suggest emailing Precision Tandems about their 203mm kit #5 for Treks which Includes everything you need from the lever to the hub.
They mention getting the correct Avid caliper for your type brake lever.
They are really good and fast at answering questions you may have.

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