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beaverstuff 10-03-07 01:43 PM

New tamdem - identify crank
I've acquired an early '90s Burley Zydeco and am trying, with some success, to identify the components. It has and eight-speed cluster on a Shimano freehub, but I can identify the cogs. More to the point of this thread, The crank is 170mm, but I can't identify the Manufacturer - something like Tra*cer. I can't make out the fourth character - need some help.
PS: it employs thumb-shifters; would like to know that supplier, too. The rest I have.

carpediemracing 10-03-07 03:37 PM


the desert fox 10-03-07 04:31 PM

your cranks are TRACER. i've seen them on a similar bike labelled as NORCO when we were up in Quebec City last summer.

beaverstuff 10-03-07 07:13 PM

Thanks for the help.
Now about the thumb shifters for this early 1990s Burley Zydeco?
Anyone know?

LWaB 10-04-07 02:53 AM

Probably the same as the rear mech. As already noted, photos make it easier...

JanMM 10-04-07 10:25 AM

That's right, Tracer. Tracer cranks came on our 2000 KHS Tandemania Comp. Seem like perfectly OK generic cranks.

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