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vigur 10-23-07 05:08 AM

different wheels for tandem
Looking to a single bikes trends I found that Trek introduced 69 bikes (26 rear and 29 front wheel). I am thinking to change my tandem front fork (80mm. travel suspension) to a rigid titanium fork but with 29 inches wheel. I will appreciate for any comments regarding this idea. Our current MTB tandem produced by titerra for 26 inches wheels.

waterrockets 10-23-07 06:16 AM

It will raise the head tube off the ground some, changing the geometry of the entire bike. Not by much, but it's like taking a rigid-forked MTB and putting a susp fork on the front (which is what I'm riding for a solo MTB, actually).

vigur 10-23-07 08:59 AM

My current suspention front fork has 454mm. length , I am going to ask people at titerra to make a titanium tandem fork with 420mm. length. The position of the head tube will not change much since the difference in between radii of two wheels is only 1.5 inches and the difference between forks lengths is 1.33 inches.
I would expect higher stability from 29er and better cross-country ability. On the other hand I hope to see an increase in average speed on road. So it looks like a win-win. Does it make any sense or am I wrong?

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