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jcwiseesq 10-29-07 10:39 AM

Cannondale brake grommets
Is there somewhere I can order the brake grommets used on the rear brake routing of an older Cannondale Tandem? I haven't found them anywhere.

TandemGeek 10-29-07 10:53 AM

Are you talking about the "cable bagels" or "cable donuts" that sit on the brake cable?

If so, your LBS will most likely have them. You could also do an Internet search on 'bicycle cable donuts' and you should find a number of sources.

jcwiseesq 10-29-07 11:41 AM

Cannondale uses an oversize cable guide for the rear brake. It doesn't stop the cable end on your housing.

TandemGeek 10-29-07 12:36 PM

Check out pages 21 - 23 and the illustrations in the older Cannondale Owner's Manual linked off of my website:

If I understand what you're describing, they may be a Cannondale specific part. PN: A463/

jcwiseesq 10-29-07 01:46 PM

That's what I need. I guess I have to go to a Cannondale Delaer.

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