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Hermes 02-28-08 05:32 PM

Tuscany Italy Vineyards as back drop on a tour of a castle.

Shot over my shoulder climbing the Category 1, 6 mile climb to the walled city of Volterra, Italy

Dunlap Time Trial last year

BloomingCyclist 02-28-08 08:41 PM

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I love seeing everyone's photos! First photo is of us on the 2006 RAIN ride (Ride Across INdiana) - at about mile 110 of 160 on the way to the farthest we've ever ridden in one day 160 miles. The second is on the 2007 Tennessee Tandem Rally in part of a group. Third is a photo over my shoulder last fall in Brown County State Park, not far from Horseman's Camp Hill that made it into Bicycling's top 100 climbs. Fourth and last is a photo of us and Counselguy at a rest stop on the 2007 Southern Tandem Rally.

Bloomington, IN

zonatandem 02-28-08 09:12 PM

Nice to be able to put some faces to folks on this forum!

Dobe 02-28-08 10:35 PM

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Ready to ride on the Canadian prairies.

Smooooth 02-28-08 10:39 PM

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It is great to see all the teams :D

Health and Happiness to everyone :)

masiman 02-28-08 11:41 PM

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None with the wife on the bike, she has not had much stoker time between pregnancies and newborns. Missing are the wife and the baby.

This is just after we got the Piccolo last Spring. We have since had a new trailer arm fabricated to level out trailer when attached to the Piccolo. I'll try to remember to update the photo in the next few months when my wife will be able to ride.


Xanti Andia 02-29-08 07:19 AM

Sorry, no pictures riding yet, but here is a picture of my lovely stoker and bike.

And if you want to see our faces, here is the whole family without a bike. All have been my stokers from time to time, though the boys are generaly much less likely to take the back seat, and I mostly ride with my wife, Eukene.

cornucopia72 02-29-08 08:36 AM

Beautiful family, and city, and tandem... thanks for sharing

Xanti Andia 02-29-08 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by cornucopia72 (Post 6253597)
Beautiful city

Forgot to place the pictures. The tandem picture is in the entrance to the port of Pasajes, just outside of San Sebastian in the Basque Country of Spain. If any of you ever get there you must eat at the Camara restaurant which is one of the overhanging balconies over the water in the background. The family picture is our daughter's graduation in Boston College.

djedgar 02-29-08 05:41 PM

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As others have mentioned, it is great to put some faces to names. Here are a couple photos we took yesterday just for this. Joyce and I on our new Santana Beyond doing some antics. Second one is of friends Craig and Allison on a home built recumbent. Just a leasurly tour around the bay in San Diego.

Trsnrtr 02-29-08 07:13 PM

At MWTR in 2006 near the top of a rise. I'd like to point out that you can tell from the pic who is working and who is not:

Trsnrtr 02-29-08 07:15 PM

In Montezuma, Co near Keystone in July of 2007:

johnfhess 03-01-08 09:07 AM

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Hi folks,

John and Katherine in front of a winery, March 2007. Russian River (northern California, Sonoma county, see Barrel tasting event, the first 2 weekends of March (on now). Loads of fun and amazingly, no problems on the roads. Couldn't make it this year, but wanted to.

thebearnz 03-01-08 11:58 AM

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Start and finish of the Rotorua to Taupo 100KM Flyer

Attachment 66251

Attachment 66252

Source to Sea 160KM Challenge

Attachment 66253

Jas and Aysha
New Zealand

dubbelop 03-01-08 01:45 PM

On a Swiss Alp (climbing, therefore helmets off :rolleyes:)

Going down in same Swiss Alps (in fact, it was much steeper than it appears in this picture!

RickinFl 03-01-08 03:58 PM

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We may not look too happy, but we really are- we just managed to thread our way through a downhill crash where 20 or so riders went down in front of us during the Horsefarm 100 in Gainesville, Fl a couple of years ago.

My stoker is blind, so all she heard was an exclamation (Sh*t!), and then she listened to my blow by blow of the carnage. We REALLY are happy- that we didn't go down :)


andydreisch 03-01-08 07:01 PM

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This is Renee and me today at the top of Mt Hamilton outside San Jose. A little over a week ago the Tour of California raced through here. It's a 4200 foot climb. This is Renee's first-ever bike ride to the top and it's our first ride to the top on our tandem.

When this shot was taken it was 40 degrees and windy ... we were freezing!! And the descent was ahead of us -- a white knuckle bomb on the best of days. Those disc brakes got a massive workout today.

She's feeling the climb today (as am I!!) but she's grinning ear to ear.


stevemtbr 03-02-08 10:09 PM

The picture was taken in 2001 at the far end of the Hiawatha Trail's 1.6 mile long Taft Tunnel. It was taken in August with temps above 90 degs. Our day started at Idaho's Lookout Pass Ski lodge in which we rode 56 miles of rail trail and some really rough dirt roads. 17 miles of the ride was some pretty good climbing to include the 10 mile grind back up to Lookout Pass. It took us over 5 hours and we both went through our 100oz Camel Backs twice and a lot of Cliff bars. Even though it was a scrocher of a day the middle of the Taft Tunnel was 39 degs. Sadly due to heart problems the wife hasn't riden the tandem in a few years.

Steve Katzman 03-03-08 06:26 PM

Riding the Georgia Tandem Rally
Debi and me riding one of our favorite events, the Georgia Tandem Rally.

transam 03-03-08 07:10 PM

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My wife and I enjoying our time TWOgether. First picture was taken as we were cruising through the Highlands Hammock State Park here in FL this winter. Second is during the 2007 Sebring Tandem Weekend. Looking forward to the '08 Sebring event and also the GTR!

gobsmacked 03-03-08 08:03 PM

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Have enjoyed the pics..... We're riding past a farm in NC.

sweetnsourbkr 03-04-08 09:58 PM

Taken this past weekend, by taxi777.

bbudell 03-05-08 11:38 AM

Riding San Felasco in FL
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Riding down in San Felasco by Gainesville, FL.

bsut 03-13-08 08:08 AM

first ride together
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We just bought this bike last week, and here's our departure for our first ride together!

Attachment 67212

It's a Melton tandem, which we found on Craigslist in Mountain View California. Beautiful steel fillet-brazed Marathon style frame, 60cm/58cm c-c, red paint in nice shape except for a few scratches. It's equipped with Mafac levers and cantilever brakes, Arai drum brake, Phil 48h hubs, TA cranks, SunTour VX rear and Compe-V front derailleurs (3x7 with bar-end shifters). I'm presuming it was built before he joined Santana in 1982.

It's our family's first tandem, joining our fleet of eight single bikes and two unicycles. I'd love to learn more about the history of the bike and its maker.

djurgensen 03-26-08 09:23 AM

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My daughter and I ready to start Hilly Hundred 2007

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