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Mario V 05-03-08 10:56 AM

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Here is part of the family at the end of the Fiesta wildflower ride in San Antonio.

ocbiker 05-10-08 01:46 PM

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Here is wife and me on our maiden voyage on our new (for us) tandem. :)

Murf524 05-12-08 03:04 PM

Cheaha Challenge 2008
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This was our first attempt at a climbing century. We made it to the top of Horseblock Mountain and decided to go back to the ride start. My stoker did a fabulous job as we completed 66 miles for the day. We just need to learn how to pace ourselves on climbs.

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rosiewoodboat 05-12-08 07:43 PM

Hi all. This is a posed (you can tell by the shoes...) photo for our fund raising page for the annual Bikes not Bombs bike-a-thon. Nice to be among the many tandem couples! Best regards!

MaxCady 05-13-08 12:42 AM

our brandnew C'dale in J/L
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...first contact to our new tandem!
The size J/L fits us best (I'm 6'9" and stoker 6'2") and it was a right decision to order a repaint to "white pearl" instead of "jet black" (the only available model in Germany!). The Camagnolo Chorus (complete incl. 13-26 cog) works fine!
Thanks for all your advices...!!
Regards from Germany

phoran 05-18-08 07:04 PM

Here's the day before my girlfriend's first ride (51 miles!) on Big Blue:

Little-Acorn 05-19-08 09:16 AM

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Got the Altus derailleur on and the new longer rear axle in. Now there's room for a 7- or 8-speed freewheel, but the 5-speed 14-34 is on there now, with derailleur adjusted accordingly.

Here's a shot just before the first ride around Miramar Lake.

Haven't kicked into the right toe clip yet. My 9-year-old son's attitude: "What's a toe clip?" But he loves the bike.

Possum Roadkill 05-19-08 10:49 PM

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Waiting to see if any pictures were taken during the Davis Double. Until then, only have a few pictures from a weekend ride earlier. We're having so much fun riding the bike, it's not easy to stop and take pictures. During a moderate climb on the Davis Double, we were surrounded by butterflies however had not brought a camera with us.

SambaMixte 05-22-08 08:15 AM

Nothing moving
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This is after a 42 miler Corporate Challenge. Stoker is eldest daughter Kaity, then 15. You can see who is sweating!

WheresWaldo 05-22-08 10:13 AM

I had posted this picture before in the Road>Show us your Cannondale thread. This was taken by a local newspaper for an article about cycling in the area. This was also before numerous upgrades to the tandem as outlined in our blog and on threads here.

embankmentlb 05-23-08 06:34 PM

My favorite person to ride with!
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Dad & Thomas

flipper108 05-24-08 01:52 PM

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one more happy couple !!

mjohn 05-25-08 11:07 PM

Our first new road tandem, a Santana Sovereign SE. We only have 100 miles or so, but we love the bike!!! We are defiantly a happy tandem couple!

Litespeed 06-01-08 01:57 PM

Here is a picture taken when we did the Tour de Cure ride a few years back.

rishardh 06-03-08 02:49 PM

Tandem Team from Sri Lanka.

uspspro 06-05-08 01:49 PM

I posted this up in my ride report, but thought I would add it here :)

KRhea 06-13-08 02:39 AM

Not the best shot due to the extreme backlight but the only shot we've ever had of ourselves before, during or after a ride. This is the finish line of the '08 Reach The Beach ride in Oregon. Begins in Portland and ends at the beautiful Oregon coast with a tire dip in the surf.

Hope to see folks at the upcoming NWTR...

KRhea and Debra

mrfish 06-13-08 04:00 PM

Nice photo.

Can you post a photo of the bike too, and some comments on advantages, how it rides etc as it looks unusual.

KRhea 06-13-08 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by mrfish (Post 6877338)
Nice photo.

Can you post a photo of the bike too, and some comments on advantages, how it rides etc as it looks unusual.

Thanks to one of our talented forum members he was able to rework this photo adding some fill light so we are now visible. Hope you don't mind the repost. I'm also answering the request for a pic of the bike.

Great bike, we love/loved it. Aluminum with titanium boom tube, It's all Campy Record/Chorus, custom built wheelset by CyclePath in Portland OR using DT Swiss 1.1/1.2 rims on White Ind hubs with ti carrier, Alpha Q fork, captain carbon/stem, FSA carbon/Truvativ Elita crankset w/red anodized TA rings. Weight is 36lbs if I remember correctly give or take a pound.
It's for sale as of Monday. I'm almost through building our newest ride, a custom Taylor steel/carbon fiber frame.


charmed 06-13-08 11:57 PM

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These were some of my captains favorite tandem pictures we took.

transam 06-14-08 03:12 AM

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Now you've gone and done it. ;)

Here is one of our favorite pics from a tour around the US we did last summer.

andydreisch 06-14-08 08:56 AM

transam, I think I read your journal on Crazy Guy on a Bike, no?


transam 06-14-08 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by andydreisch (Post 6880455)
transam, I think I read your journal on Crazy Guy on a Bike, no?


Yep, it's on CGOAB and called "Friends & Family Tour". We had a blast! Thanks for following along.

merlinextraligh 06-14-08 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by KRhea (Post 6878455)

is that the Alpha Q fork with the carbon steerer?

The manufacturer specs it for a maximum of 40mm of spacers belwo the stem. I'd be a bit concerned running that many spacers on a cf steerer tube, partciularly on a tandem.

KRhea 06-14-08 02:21 PM

You not familiar with the Alpha Q Z-Pro fork which is specifically designed for the way I'm using it with no spacer limit. The steer tube on Z-Pros is at least twice as thick if not thicker than a normal tandem fork and maintains that thickness throughout.
It's the same fork Zinn uses all his custom built bikes for really big guys who need extended steer tubes and/or stronger all carbon forks.

Check the AlphaQ website for futher info.


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