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ROJA 02-26-08 05:42 PM

Pictures of happy tandem couples?
We should have a sticky thread of you and your captain/stoker having fun on your tandem!

I'll start...

specbill 02-26-08 06:27 PM

The bottom photo is absolutely outstanding.....the essence of tandeming exquisitely captured!!!!

I'll get one of our's up asap.
Bill J.

regomatic 02-26-08 06:45 PM

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We made it through my Cancer as a team, finished the LiveSTRONG Challenge as a team, but couldn't pull off a low five in the photo-op because she was busy taking her own pictures.

No problem, we had a great ride that day and enjoy a great life together everyday.

JanMM 02-26-08 08:13 PM

Sad to say, I have no pics of my wife and I on our KHS. This is Somebody Else at last Fall's Hilly Hundred.

JanMM 02-26-08 08:21 PM

Cap'n and Stoker standing next to our Tandemania Comp. For 2008, I will enlist someone to take action pics of us.

zonatandem 02-26-08 09:49 PM

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After 33+ years of tandeming this woman is still smiling . . .
. . . and as usual, we're having a good time!
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

All American 6 02-27-08 07:42 AM

My littlest stoker. This picture is on the KATY Trail in Missouri. A great state park trail that almost goes the length of the state.

The Burley Zydeco with Piccolo trail bike was our first tandem. It was our ride from 2004-07

In 2008 we upgraded to a Bushnell Triplet from Precision Tandems in Kansas City.

This picture was taken at the Shark Valley Visitor Center in the Everglades.

R900 02-27-08 08:39 AM

Red Rider 02-27-08 09:00 AM

What a fun thread this is! Thanks for starting it!

This was taken for a newspaper article in November:

This is from last summer:

vtrich 02-27-08 10:15 AM

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UPDATE, this taken last week with the new bike.

72andsunny 02-27-08 12:13 PM

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We looked happier at the top of the hill...

ROJA 02-27-08 12:39 PM

Awesome pictures, everyone- can a mod make this one sticky so that others can see how much fun we have??? TandemGeek, yours in particular is awesome- was that at an event with a photographer set up on a fast downhill?

simsi 02-27-08 01:47 PM


and now:

Eddie50 02-27-08 03:24 PM

Me stoker and girlfriend captain and yes, we get a lot of comments about her being in front and me in the back, I think I will have a jersey made that says Im Blind... or something.

Otherwise, its really fun!

ROJA 02-27-08 04:13 PM

Looks like you guys are having a blast!

andydreisch 02-27-08 05:57 PM

My wife would never allow me to ride behind her. And I don't trust myself, either.

I'll post a pic shortly.


superunleaded 02-27-08 06:32 PM

A nice thread.
Here we are on a triplet.

and with my hunney :)

tandemracer 02-27-08 08:39 PM

Here are some pictures we have taken of happy people on tandems:

And one taken of us climbing up Brasstown Bald just before the Tour de Georgia:

joe@vwvortex 02-28-08 08:48 AM

The first two were from Cycle Oregon last year - we may not look very happy in the first pic but at that speed we're smiling big inside. Second is from the 27 degree morning leaving Lapine. Third is from he Northwest Tandem Rally in Bend Oregon in 2005.

DBC Steve 02-28-08 09:20 AM

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First pic is from the Davis Bike Club "Tandem Toot" ride around the Sutter Buttes last fall -- the smallest mountain range in the world. The jerseys are from our 2007 DBC March Madness (Mad Marchness?) annual event -- we max our miles in March to raise $$ for kids' bike helmets.

darelldd 02-28-08 09:26 AM

On our way to swim lessons. Turns out nobody ever has a camera when my wife is stoking on Purple Perdition.

cornucopia72 02-28-08 09:59 AM

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This is us with our older daughter as mid-stoker:

Eurastus 02-28-08 04:07 PM

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Three happy kids and their ol' dad...

twilkins9076 02-28-08 04:29 PM

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Taken summer before last...for some reason, we've got lots of pics of us and the bike from last year, but none of us actually on the bike....

cyclesteve 02-28-08 04:46 PM

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I don't have any pictures of us riding. This was after we finished our first tandem ride. Look at that smile, she was hooked.


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