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mackey 01-27-09 12:04 PM

Tandem ride / rally schedule ?
Trying to plan for the upcoming spring and summer. Looking for any / all scheduled rallies. Web site info would be great if you have it.


Bill & Bonnie

merlinextraligh 01-27-09 12:27 PM

Retro Grouch 01-27-09 01:22 PM

Since you live in Missouri I was going to suggest that you check out the Prarie State Tandem Rally in Illinois. Unfortunately, they are still looking for a host for 2009.

We've done if a few times and it's been a wonderful event! The concept is a rally that is low cost and that can be handled by one couple. It's the polar opposite of what the Midwest Tandem Rally has become.

Austinbike42 01-28-09 09:42 AM


Here's the link to the Southwest Rally that will be held in the beautiful Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio. Late April is a wonderful time of year here, and the rally will be "managable" with a maximum of 120 couples, I believe. Check it out, and come on down!

Dean Rose
07' Co-Motion Supremo

bbharries 02-09-09 08:24 PM

Midwest Tandem Rally
MTR is September 4-7 in Rochester MN. go to and follow the link.

zonatandem 02-09-09 11:02 PM

Sebring Tandem Rally, Florida April 4 and 5, $125 per couple; [email protected]

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