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rbartlett 02-02-09 04:21 PM

Anyone familiar with a "Forever" Tandem bike?
I was curious if anyone is familiar with or owns a "Forever" Tandem bike. I just bought one from someone and that is all it says on it. I have been searching the internet and cant find anything. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it. Thanks

geranimo57 02-02-09 04:30 PM

A Google search turned up this;

zonatandem 02-02-09 04:52 PM

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Looks like the ones they sell on the internet in the 200 to 300 dollar range under various brand names.
Probably great for tooling around the neighborhood, but not for longer rides. Cheaper than renting a real tandem for a few days.
Go over it with a fine eye and check that it is assembled/lubricated properly.
Mass produced in China; likely will not last "Forever."

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