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embankmentlb 02-08-09 12:40 PM

Trouble getting synchronized.
Do you guys & gals have trouble agreeing on a time to ride? I hate to complain but sometimes i still do/ joe walsh. Anyway, It's 65,sunny,I'm all hyped up on coffee ready to role & my significant other wants to ride later after see gets done face booking or some such. In 2 hours i will probably crash. Am i the only one? It's the first truly great day of the year & I am pissed because i can't go ride! There i said it!!!!

PMK 02-08-09 02:27 PM

Could always "warm up" on your single.


embankmentlb 02-08-09 05:05 PM

True, but it all worked out & we ended up riding 25 miles. I just needed a place to vent before getting into one of those arguments.

wobblyoldgeezer 02-09-09 09:12 AM

We have a bunch of people we ride with. We've got used to a fairly early morning start because the weather here gets far too hot mid morning most of the year. Just now it's a great temperature all day long, but we still have the regular 0700 (weekends) start because that's what we've got used to. It'll get earlier as the temperatures rise.
A gang wanting to start at the same time might be an additional motivation to get out the door?

Onegun 02-09-09 09:49 AM

hehe! Pissed, huh? I learned a long time ago that the time to decide on the time to ride is the night before! We ALL seem to come up with excuses from time to time otherwise ... riding buddies, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, kids .... even me!

But if we'd ALREADY agreed on a start time the day before, then there's a much higher liklihood that we'll actually hit the road around that time.

P.S. Maggi just got hooked on FaceBook! I relate there, too!

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