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bgbiteme 02-28-09 10:44 PM

Wanted Kids stoker kit for tandem (for 4yo)
I have a beautiful vintage Trek T200 tandem that I was about to sell on ebay because I had given up on working out how my 4 year old could ride with me, until someone only today advised me of the existence of stoker kits for tandems. What a revelation, if it wasn't for this kind person taking the time to show me his tandem with the kit installed, I would have sold my bike and lost the opportunity to ride with my little boy (he uses a trailer at the moment but I don't like it).

It seems that the kit (incl bottom bracket, 2 chain rings, cranks, shim, chain etc) is quite expensive to buy new, so I thought I'd just enquire as to whether anyone has one that their kids have outgrown that they'd be prepared to sell to me.

I need one that will suit a 1.25 inch seat tube. Thanks.

WillFam-Reno 02-28-09 11:21 PM

Yes they are truly expensive. I just purchased one for almost $500. It was worth it to me, since I figure I am going to use it through three kids (almost 4 to 7-1/2). If you are not in a huge hurry, try finding a used one on Craigslist, but be aware that they usually go quite quickly, and be sure you can get the correct shim for your size seat post or make your own.
I found the following search criteria works for searching with a search engine like google: stoker
Of course this also brings up things like Dracula (Bran Stoker) and stove stuff (and tons of adds from people that think a stroker engine is a stoker!) but you can refine the search if you wish. I tended to leave it open so that I would not miss anything.
I did not get instructions with mine, so I had to engineer how to attach the added chain ring to my two rings already on the crank of my triplet, but after changing the chain ring spacers and going to ten speed sync chains, it all works well. My oldest REALLY likes riding it much better that the trail-a-bike that he still uses when we ride without the wife. Good luck finding one used.
Oh, by the way, a used one is a good deal if the chain rings and cranks are in good shape, as the bottom bracket is cheap to replace if necessary.
The new one that I got also came with pedals and clips, a chain, extended stem, riser for extended stem, child sized seat, narrow drop bars, and correct sized shims. There are many pictures on the web including some on BikeForum.
and several that you can find if you search the 'net.

bgbiteme 03-01-09 04:37 AM

Stoker kids kit
Thanks for the tip. I'm looking at a kit for $300 new but hoping to get a 2nd hand one for $100'ish. Can anyone help?

TandemGeek 03-01-09 06:27 AM

How about $249 for Co-Motion's kit, 3rd row, last on the right?

Your best bet on used if nothing comes of this posting is to search all of Craigslist for someone selling a tandem where they are including a child stoker kit and seeing if they'd be willing to separate the kid crank from the sale of the bike....

This is a google search string that will get you close to what you're looking for, although you'll need to read the short descriptions and you'll also find a lot of these ads are no longer current: tandem kid crank
or tandem child crank

Here are two examples of 'finds'....

A Cannondale MT2000 with kiddie cranks included for under $1; this is a great price for this tandem BTW...

An older Santana Arriva with a tandem and a child kid crankset.

Similarly, you could search at using the terms 'child stoker' and see if any of these folks still have them available and/or check with some of the folks who have 'wanted to buy ads' for stoker cranks to see how they have faired.

phoran 03-01-09 10:11 AM

i've got a used kit i don't need, but i'm not sure it will fit your bike. mine is a burley, from a 1991 duet. i don't remember the frame tubing size, but i have heard of people shimming these kits. i'll measure the frame in the garage.

justmealready 03-01-09 10:15 AM

Chuck's still has the child stoker bottom bracket shell for $45 but you'd have to find the other bits and pieces your ownself.

larry h 03-02-09 06:35 PM

child stoker kit
i have it all but you will need to add pedals and chain came off burley 100.00 plus shipping

WillFam-Reno 03-02-09 10:12 PM

bgbiteme, Ask larry h for details on how to attach the stoker chain ring to present sync chain ring (if you go this route of course). Suspect you have a traditional left side sync chain? If the crankarms are still too long on the stoker kit for your four year old, you can add crank shortners.

Make sure you get the right shims for the BB assembly to fit the tandem's seatpost, as well as the extension stem that will attach to the captains seat post. When you try to figure out where to place the BB assembly, the frame will necessitate certain possible positions, but try to install in as low a center of gravity position as you can while allowing for seat post height that can be adjusted upward as the child grows. This means try to keep the BB assembly as low as possible without interferring with the front deraileur, chain ring, and cranks. Typical assembly leaves the original cranks in place with the pedals removed and the child stoker crank arms in phase so that they will not interfere with each other. I use the old rat trap pedals to help hold the child stoker's feet in place.

The hardest part of riding with the 4 y.o. IMHO is mounting and dismounting them while balancing the tandem. I usually have an additional adult around to help me. Remind them not to wiggle around too much (yea right!) and enjoy! If going any distance, remind the child to drink often, but make sure that they can do so safely (camel-back straw might work if the bottle is mounted somewhere high). Stopping to drink might be the safest way to go until they are bigger.

I had to give up a water bottle mounting position to mount the BB assembly. Your frame may not have that issue. I'm sorry, I've tried to give you a way too lengthy description of what you may encounter, but maybe some of it will be helpful. Mechanically I think the hardest part for me was mounting the chain ring onto the sync chain. Because of clearance issues, I had to modify the spacers between chain rings. I also had to change to 10 speed chains, but that will be unlikely for you. 8 or 9 speed is probably fine. I am not an expert, but I did install one earlier this year. Good luck. I hope you keep the Trek tandem.

Phantoj 03-03-09 08:40 AM

If you leave the pedals on the adult stoker crank, the child can use them as a ladder and learn to climb up them into his seat...

la2sei 03-03-09 10:35 PM

There is a set on Ebay right now. It's for a 1 1/4 seatpost Item number: 170307222982 ends 3/7/09

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