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seragram 03-01-09 03:03 AM

Kent Dual Drive arrives home.
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Here is our new tandem. I will do some minor modificatios and will post pictures when I do.

DieselDan 03-01-09 06:20 AM

Some tips:
Remove pedals, grease threads
remove seatposts, lightly grease inside of seat tube
adjust brakes
reset shifting
true wheels

zonatandem 03-04-09 11:18 PM

Enjoy the ride 2-gether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

seragram 03-05-09 03:19 PM

Thanks guys. I have taken it to my LBS for adjust ments and did a couple of changes will be posting pictures and the minor changes I did so far not much speed out of it but a lot of fun and very usefull to pickup my grandchild from school.

Venturous 08-26-10 06:17 AM

So Sergram,

Are you still hauling this bike on the hitch rack as photo'd?? If so, has that created any problems. I have a similar hitch rack and have been waondering how to haul a tandem should we get one.

arctos 08-28-10 03:00 PM

With a hitch rack note where the exhaust pipe of your vehicle is in relation to your tire. I learned long ago that it is possible to fry or age a tire sidewall rapidly on a long drive.

Leisesturm 10-05-10 07:16 PM

Hopefully by now he has ditched the OEM whitewalls and is busy frying the sidewalls of a Schwalbe Big Apple 2.0


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