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JayB 03-08-09 09:26 AM

Nokon road bike gear cables
Has anyone actually used these cables with Shimano brifters? I have seen their website and the theory seems sound. But I have never had a first hand report. They come as an entire kit, I think, with inner, outer cables and lining.

Butcher 03-08-09 01:57 PM

I know you are asking about Shimano but for Campy they are top notch. Worth every penny. With the length of tandems, cable routing, and 10 speeds in the back it is nice to have a perfect shifting all the time.

jjwintski 03-08-09 06:19 PM

I had them on my Tsunami road tandem with Shimano brifters for about 5 years.

I built up a "Chuck's bike" Tsunami frame and wanted good shifting. The assembly of the liner and aluminum links was a little tricky but no big deal.
The shifting was very very good till the last year, then I was getting fantom shifting.

First I just replaced the cable, that did not fix the fantom shifting.

I had thought about replacing the inner liner, but the $$$ swayed me to try conventional cable housing.

It shifts perfect again, now to see how long it lasts.

Good Luck,

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