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WebsterBikeMan 06-12-09 07:35 PM

Just brought home a second (hand) tandem
We just rode home a '97 Santana Enduro Fusion. Now when my son is home he can captain that one while I get to retain my position on the front of the Bilenky. ;) My wife and daughter are close enough to the same size that either one can stoke on either bike. Of course at this point the work is just starting. As a "Large", it will be only just big enough, with the addition of a 150 mm/35 degree stem; the right STI brifter will shift to a harder gear perhaps 1% of the time, and then only under duress. It was pretty much stuck in the second to largest cog of the cluster. We did a lot of coasting on the way home - anything faster than about 15-17 mph and we couldn't manage to apply any pressure to the pedals. :roflmao2: Capt. saddle came loose about 2 miles from home, probably just needs tightening.

To do:

Replace front brake (probably with cantilever, at least new pads);
Replace stem;
New brifters (campy);
JTek shiftmate;
New bars (front and back);
Working shock absorbing seatpost;
New tape;
New cables (raising bars makes cables too short);
Clean, adjust pedals (one stoker's pedal doesn't like to grip cleat);
Fenders (we'll be touring, rain or shine);
Measure chain - tighten timing chain; clean both chains.

And my daughter wants to help - so she learns to maintain it. :thumb:

The frame and wheels are in good shape; some of the components are still in good condition; for $1300 I think we did all right. And it was only about 15 miles drive out and 15 miles ride back.

Is it going to be hard to find a brake cable hanger for the switch to cantilever? This is a Santana...

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