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Killer B's 07-11-09 11:14 PM

Klicking Ksyriums
Its cool to see many posts from folks who made it to the NWTR. My wife and I picked up our first lightweight 700c tandem the day before we took the ferry to Vancouver Island for the rally and I could not believe that on the second day we met another couple with a new Landshark. I chose to put a pair of Ksyrium Elites on mine, with the front having 18 bladed radial spokes and could not believe the amount of clicking from the spokes whenever I stood to climb. After the 100k ride on day two several of the spokes had actually rotated 90 degrees. I have done a lot of tandem touring so I certainly don't muscle the bike around and I have ridden radial front wheels for 20 years on a single without experiencing this, have others had similiar experiences with running lightweight radial spoked wheels on a tandem?

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