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Teofilo 07-02-04 09:20 AM

Cannondale runaround
OK, I picked out a Cannondale RT1000 for my daughter and I. I prefer my road bike but as a newly single dad I was looking for something we could do together, and she loves to ride but has outgrown her tagalong. When I was looking my LBS initially quoted me a 10 day lead time. After I ordered it on June 1 they told me "end of June". Now they're telling me "end of July" and I guess I don't have any confidence in that date. :mad: Up here summer riding ends with August. I am tempted to cancel the order and drive two hours to the Burley dealer, who is telling me 2 weeks for a Tamburello. The LBS is a big Cannondale dealer and they are blaming it all on the factory. Any thoughts?

TandemGeek 07-02-04 09:33 AM

Yes, the factory has done this to dealers in the past on tandems, their Moto FR-T suspension tandem forks, and other tandem-related items or new offerings, e.g., '00 MT4000 with dual-disc brakes that never was. If there was a run on the initial '04 production run of tandems (which could be the case), then they are probably in a back-order situation. Moreover, Tandems are not a major part of the C'dale line and always take a back seat to other, higher production priorities and larger backorders. Thus, your LBS is probably just as frustrated as you are at this point and there's nothing they can do about it.

You might want to check with Mel Kornbluh at Tandems East in South Jersey ( to see if he has an RT1000 in your size in stock OR one of the other tandem speciality dealers who sell Cannondale Tandems, e.g., Tandems Limited, Mt. Airy Cyclery, etc... A list of tandem dealers with links to their Web sites can be found on our "Tandems" page:

FWIW: Burley, Co-Motion and the other tandem speciality dealers have stock models available on the shelf throughout the year and are flexible enough to turn new stock build or custom orders around in 4 - 6 weeks or less. That's one of the benefits of dealing with a speciality tandem producer.

Teofilo 07-02-04 10:48 AM

Mark -- Thanks.

SDS 07-02-04 05:35 PM

Merely speculation, but it could be that the disk brakes on both ends (true?) caused an unexpected run on Cannondale tandems.

Plug your ears if you have heard this too many times, but keep an eye on the dimensions and particularly the bottom bracket spacing when switching brands and sizes. On production tandems, more BB spacing is almost always better. I can't think of an exception to that rule, but there might be one.

markm109 07-03-04 07:47 PM

I got my new '04 Cannondale tandem about 4 weeks ago. It was on backorder for quite some time, at least 3 weeks. From what I heard, a company in Europe placed an order with Shimano that was 4 times their normal size. This has backed up Shimano and backordered parts from them. My tandem was waiting on several Shimano components to finish getting built.

I have the bike and unfortunally have only ridden it 3 times. My wife was unexpectedly sent to Brazil on business for the past week and a half. She is now back and were going riding this weekend.

We love the bike and for the price it was a good deal. We're a heavier team and liked the stiffer feel of the alum, the steel burley's felt too wobbly. The cannondale weights in at 39lbs, not bad for our first tandem and it really moves.

Good luck.


zonatandem 07-04-04 10:22 AM

Co-Motion and Burley build great alu tandems and some dealers in your area could have just your ize in stock.

saxman 07-04-04 10:33 AM

My wife and I ordered a Cannondale tandem in April of this year and got the exact same runaround. We finally gave up and got a Burley Tosa from Precision Tandems in Kansas. Best decision we ever made. We love the bike and the service from Mark and Sue.


snikrep 07-06-04 11:04 AM

I can't speak to the Cannondale problems, but I can say that we are very pleased with our '03 Burley Tamburello. I put my wife and daughter on as stoker (not simultaneously) and we have been extremely pleased with the bike we got for the money spent. We have 1300+ miles on it in and it has only required normal cleaing and maintenance. No problems with it whatsover. We had bought it originally to make a Canada to Mexico trip in '04 (see ) and I wondered if it was up to the task. No doubt in my mind that this hardy machine will do well.

Steve Katzman 07-06-04 02:55 PM

If you do decide to give up on the Cannondale, you may want to drive to Elmira, NY, which isn't terribly far from you. There, Rich and Lindy Shapiro run Gear to Go Tandems, which is a tandem-only bike shop. I don't know if he has any Cannondales in stock, but with riding time ticking away, I'm sure that he has something that you would find more than acceptable, since he stocks about 30 tandems.

Check out He does business out of his house, so make an appointment before making the drive. Good luck.

bandaidman 07-06-04 06:38 PM

my wife really wants a tandem ...and i really like the cannondale

the cannondale rep was in my lbs last week and said a mtn tandem could be had within a month but they would not make any promises on a road tandem....they are really having problems getting parts (ultegra)

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