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pumpguy 12-21-09 05:51 PM

Another question about a tandem on CL
Well, I asked about a Cannondale here and got some good responses. Unfortunately, they wouldn't come down from their posted price.
This brings me to another CL listing. This bike is not probably as nice as the Cannondale, but the price seems good. Being a Peugot,
would I have trouble getting replacement parts if necessary? One of the mechanics at the LBS indicated this could be a problem,
especially the BB. What about the price. Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

jnbrown 12-21-09 09:36 PM

I would say that bike is not rideable due to the position of the stoker bars.
The back is way too short.
Yes replacements parts would be hard to come by but not necessarily impossible.
The Cannondale would blow the doors off this thing.
Find the extra money.

Onegun 12-22-09 07:47 AM

And if you're relying on this guy's measurements, DON'T. If that's a 21" frame, then I'm Betty Boop.

+1 on the other comment about the Cannondale blowing the Peugeot's doors off.

specbill 12-22-09 10:50 AM

I know it is hard to be patient but, keep will pay off with something that you can ride and enjoy without fitment or mechanical challenges...

Bill J.

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