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larry h 12-25-09 11:23 AM

help with upgrade
we have been riding a burley duet we are wanting to go newer and lighter----i have found a trek t-2000 year 1999---it looks good in pics but seems to cheap at the price ---we love our drag brake on the duet but the trek has better brake levers being upright and it has better wheels than ours ---what should a trek this year usually go for and are we improveing on the total package---we are fairly new to tandems but love them already

TandemGeek 12-25-09 02:43 PM

Trek didn't introduce their 2nd generation of tandems (T1000 hybrid w/flat bars and T2000 road with drop bars) until 2002. So, you might want to make sure the seller knows what they're selling.

The first generation of Trek's tandems (the T100, T200) sold in the 90's are more or less on par with the older Burley Duets of the same vintage.

specbill 12-25-09 10:05 PM

If you can post some pic's we can probably help with identification. There is a big difference between a T2000 and its' older and less endowed relatives.

Bill J.

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