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cay22 05-15-10 02:25 PM

Crank Shortener
I am looking for a crank shortener for my Tandem so my son can ride with me. We are doing blocks on the pedals right now but I would like crank shorteners. Everywhere I look they are $100+. The cranks are 35mm wide so I think I need wide ones but I am not sure. Is that width across or depth? I have a Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike, do the shorteners fit all cranks or is there a chance they will not fit? Since I would have to order sight unseen I want to know they will fit. Does anyone have any they no longer need and would like to sell?

Stray8 05-15-10 06:34 PM

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DaVinci had kiddie cranks for $85, but they are currently "Out of Stock for undetermined length of time"

Tandems East has them for $115.

You could try fabricating them (or having them fabricated at a metal working shop) but you'll need to match the pedal threading. They're basically a simple splint that provides a repositioned (shorter) pedal hole at about 125mm.


bike00 05-17-10 07:01 PM

I have a set "Ride 2" crankarm shorteners that I used on our Nashbar Twee Tee. They have four different peddle possitions. $50 shipped.

Let me know if you are interested.

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