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wkrider 09-07-04 09:13 AM

Looking into buying a Tandem...
Hey all,

I am looking into buying a tandem. My wife wants to start riding but she is uncomfortable on a single so I suggested that we get a tandem until she is comfortable enough to ride on her own. She is actually excited about the idea. Any suggestions for bikes, road not cruiser or mountain, and I also thought about looking at used since she will eventually graduate to a single. I imagine that we would still ride the tandem sometimes though. I wouldn't mind seeing some photos of the set-ups that some of you have as well.

Thanks :)

halfbiked 09-07-04 09:32 AM

What we did was rent and demo a variety of bikes to see if we enjoyed the tandem experience. Our first ride did not go well; my girlfriend is an avid cyclist & was unaccustomed to not being in control. Thats still the case, come to think of it. However, with research & communication we've been addressing the issue. By doing online research (i.e. this forum, TandemLink, Sheldon Brown, etc) and acquiring a book we've learned a lot about technique and, more importantly, the appropriate approach.

With subsequent demos & rentals, we were able to narrow down the kind of bike to look for & figure out what size we needed. Then we started looking & found a good deal on a used cannondale (road) thats working well for us so far. We found ours by posting a 'wanted' ad on one of the tandem sites & a seller found us. All similar bikes we've seen on ebay have gone for much more than we paid. Maybe we got lucky.

wkrider 09-07-04 10:20 AM

Thanks for the info......

TandemGeek 09-07-04 10:21 AM

A couple articles that may (or may not) help...

Sticker shock & the cost of tandems & cycling:

First time buyer tips:

Other newbie articles:

If at all possible, test ride and then decide. Otherwise, try to search out riders who may be similar to you in age, riding style, and interests here or at [email protected] (which means you may have to volunteer a few more details) and see what they are riding and why.

I'll stop here because if I write about each brand you'll quickly detect my biases and I'm sure there will more than enough of those in a thread like this...

As for what folks are riding, there is a thread here somewhere at BikeForums for just that very thing...

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