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DubT 02-26-11 09:39 AM

What is the latest information on Composite Wheels for Tandems
We will probably be getting a new tandem in about a year. We currently have a 1989 Santana Visa that I have updated to 8 speed and equipped it with a new rd and bar end shifters. For wheels we have a solid disc in the rear and a deep dish Zipp 32 hole spoke front wheel, both are tubular. These wheels are left over from a Santana Targa racing tandem that we sold a few years ago. They are bullet proof.

When we buy new I want a set of composite wheels that are bullet proof, (team weight 320 pounds). From what I can gather the wheels that are available today that are tandem specific are the Aerospoke and the Corima. Mad Fiber and Hed 3 wheels are not approved by the manufacturer for tandem use.

Are there any other options available that have been road tested and proven to be strong enough for tandem usage? I do not want conventional spoke wheels, in my opinion they are constant sources of maintenance that I do not want to perform.


waynesulak 02-26-11 12:24 PM

I visited the Aerospoke web site and store and it appears the only tandem rated wheels are 26 inch. Do they make 700C tandem wheels on a special order basis?

DubT 02-26-11 02:06 PM

The Aerospoke website is a little confusing. I sent them a note late Friday afternoon asking them if they had 700 C wheels that are approved for tandem use.

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