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storckm 06-16-11 10:28 AM

1998 Burley Samba Softride
I'm considering buying this tandem. Does anyone have experience with it, or have a good idea of its value? We'd be the third owners.

steve53mg 06-16-11 02:26 PM

I have a couple of friends that ride (on the road) a Co Motion with a beam. When ever I am behind them, the stoker is always occillating up and down. In my opinion, it absorbs a good deal of her energy. She does get a pretty shock-free ride, however. I think that they are not unhappy with it, but I don't know if they would do it again. The beam was a fad that didn't last very long...they were only built for a few years. This makes the bike a bit of an oddball. The Samba was a MTB, so the beam might have taken a beating and if it breaks, you are stuck! Are you fixing to use this bike on the road? I would keep looking and try for something more conventional-unless the price is very low!

storckm 06-16-11 03:21 PM

I would be riding on the road primarily.

The bicycle's on e-bay (and local). It was around $200 and is now at $350.

zonatandem 06-16-11 04:23 PM

Dealt in tandems for over 20 years including Softrides on Burley and Co-Motion.
NEVER heard or saw a Softride beam failure.
Even owned a Softride single bike for severl years.
Yes, my stoker testrode several Sodtride beams with me on tandems for distances up to 50 miles. She thought it was the best suspension system over all shock absorbing seatposts that we tested.
Yes, have seen some stokers create a bit of bounce with each pedal stroke; however we found that due to excessive spinning while climbing we could create a bit of a bounce for her. By downshifting one cog we quickly elimnated that issue.
A beam alone is worth $300; if the bike fits and your stoker likes it, go for it!
Just our input.
Pedal on!

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