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aixaix 06-28-11 02:33 PM

Hydraulic rim brakes on a tandem: anybody tried them?
I recently picked up an old Cannondale MTB with a pair of Magura hydraulic rim brakes. I have never, ever had rim brakes on any bike that work as well. Very powerful, easily modulated and smooth as glass.

Has anyone tried them on a tandem? I know the arguments against: more complicated; not field-serviceable; relatively fragile piping, e.g. I'd love to hear from anybody who has actually used them. The poster of a very recent thread was concerned about how often the cable brakes needed to be adjusted. Hydraulic brakes generally adjust themselves. Rim brakes also don't build up as much heat as discs, so fluid boiling should not be an issue.


PMK 06-28-11 03:32 PM

I've run them off-road on singles and off-road on tandems.

They are a pain to setup. Also, if you have the levers with adjustment knobs you will like them more. If you have black or gray pads, remove them, get salmon pads.

They stop as good or pretty close to a 203mm disc in the dry. In the wet, you best not try to keep up with a disc equipped off-road tandem. This includes small splashes from puddles or small streams or runoffs.

Never used them on-road, I'm sure some have.


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