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ChrisM 07-07-11 06:54 AM

Help identifying triplet
I recently became the proud owner of my first triplet and I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify it. I can't find any serial number and it has no decals (repaint?) The middle seat is designed for a child; very short top tube and the bottom bracket shell is not part of the frame but bolts on instead to make it adjustable, like a kid back. The tube that runs between the bottom brackets is kind of oval shaped. I have a Santana Rio tandem with the same design which makes me wonder if this bike is also a Santana, but for all I know, this is common on other brands as well. The front fork is also very unique. It has Phil hubs and an Arai drum brake. Both front and rear brakes are controlled from the right handle while the drum brake is controlled from the the left. I'm thinking about coming up with a separate control for the drum brake.

Anybody have any ideas?

Phantoj 07-07-11 10:55 AM

No clue, but that is a very interesting bike. Looks custom! :)

Onegun 07-07-11 02:26 PM

My best guess, going by design and componentry described and that which I can see, would be a late seventies to mid-80s ... something or other!

It's also definitely custom. No manufacturer would mass produce a triplet where the mid-stoker MUST be a child. As a matter of fact, I would think any builder would have advised against this design ever since "kiddie cranks" actually became functional somewhere in the that same time period.

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