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zoom2zoom 07-29-11 07:46 PM

Stoker Handlebar mounting option help
i recently purchased a used Cannondale for my wife and my son ( I already have another tandem for myself and my other son). My wife will be at the captain position, but the seat is too high because the stoker handlebar is mounted on the seat post.

if the handlebar is removed, the seat can be lowered about 2 inches and it will be the right height, but is there another option to mount the stoker handlebar?

i can see that one option is to somehow mounted to the seat rails, and the other is to mount to the top tube frame.

does anyone have any advice?

nfmisso 07-29-11 08:18 PM

Safest is to get a tandem with the correct sized frame. Any other choice is a compromise in safety.

zonatandem 07-30-11 05:49 PM

Sell that C'dale frame and buy one proper size for pilot/wife.
You could jury-rig something to the top tube for the stoker son; definitely nothing rigged to her seatrails!

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