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jolly_ross 08-10-11 06:23 AM

Fork shudder.
Our Thorn Adventure has a rigid steel fork, the front brake is a v-brake with XT cartridge style pads, wheel has alloy rim. Using both brakes when doing low speed u-turns can make the fork shudder badly. The pads are only 1/4 worn perhaps - I'm wondering if I should try softer pads, or maybe harder ones.

Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas or feedback?

Thanks all.

TandemGeek 08-10-11 06:36 AM

Technique suggestion: Only use the rear brake when you're making U-turns or other very slow-speed manuevers... use constant braking and increase/decrease brake lever force to work against pedal pressure: makes all the difference in the world. Master it and you'll find you can trackstand your tandem at short stops if you haven't already mastered that.

As for the front brake studder, you might want to:

a. Adjust your headset, i.e., make sure there isn't any play
b. Clean your front rim brake track with some alcohol on a scrunge pad.

zonatandem 08-10-11 03:40 PM

Also: check headset for pitted race/bearings.

merlinextraligh 08-11-11 02:19 PM

+1 on the headset.

get off the bike, hold it by the handlebars, and lock the front brake. Push the bike forward until the rear wheel lifts off the ground. If there's play in the headset you'll feel it as the bike rolls up.

specbill 08-11-11 08:05 PM

A couple of years ago on our old C'dale tandem it was a headset.
On my new'ish cross bike ('07 actually) with an Eaton EC90 Carbon fork it was a set of Avid Short 4's canti brakes that were ill designed. Upgrades to some 6's and all fork chatter was completely eliminated.

Bill J.

jolly_ross 08-12-11 05:56 AM

thanks all. will check. R

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