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Periscope 08-22-11 09:15 AM

Max tire size for Co-motion Periscope Torpedo 700c

Looking at a Co-motion Periscope Torpedo 700c and would want to put some bigger tires on (it comes stock with 700x28mm). I have searched and can't find any real details on max tire choice. The intent is to get some dirt road use and hopefully something with a bit of a knobby (like a cyclocross tire). Has anyone fit something like a Ritchey Speedmax 32mm or 35mm? I don't care about fenders fitting with these tires.

QueueCT 08-22-11 10:55 AM

We have a 700c Periscope Scout. Provided the forks are the same (and I believe the stock ones are) then you can fit a 32mm on there. Not sure about a 35mm, it's more about vertical fork crown clearance than anything else.

Periscope 09-18-11 07:54 PM

To answer my own question, I am now running Ritchey Speedmax 35mm. No room for fenders but should work great for dirt road. The Ritchey's measure 37mm wide on the stock and fit with a little room at the seat stays and fork crown.

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