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jtexfisher 03-06-12 10:07 AM

Rack for Tandem??
Is there anything special about racks for tandems?

CaptainHaddock 03-06-12 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by jtexfisher (Post 13938158)
Is there anything special about racks for tandems?

Are you asking about a bike rack to mount on your car for transporting your tandem, or a bike rack that you mount panniers/bags on?

If we're talking about the ones that go on your bike. Not particularly. In as much as there is a continuum of what you can spend on a rack and at some point, your return in weight savings vs. load carrying capacity max out. In short, there are good racks, and there are bad racks.

If you're talking about the kind you mount on your car, then yes. Both the RockyMounts system and the Yakama systems have a pivoting fork mount that allows for a single individual to load the tandem on. Also, both systems are commensurately longer than their single brethren.

Phantoj 03-06-12 12:22 PM

Wider rear spacing, but I haven't noticed any problems due to this. I've installed two racks: the Topeak Babysitter rack and the Burley Moose Rack. (Both work as ordinary racks when the seat/bike is removed).

Onegun 03-06-12 01:04 PM

Assuming you mean for the rear of the bike, and since your Tandemania didn't come stock with disc brakes, then no. You may or may not run into difficulty getting around the linear pull brakes.

jtexfisher 03-06-12 03:22 PM

Excellent, and thanks. Sorry about being vague. Shoulda oughta said 'rear' rack or something of the sorts. The wide spacing had me wondering. Looking to install a rack and trunk bag to carry the "junk" in/on.

Onegun 03-06-12 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by jtexfisher (Post 13939413)
Looking to install a rack and trunk bag to carry the "junk" in/on.

Many travel light, but Maggi and I tend to be junk-ies, plus, some day we want to do some overnight trips, at the very least. So we went with the Topeak's biggest trunk bag and rack system. The usuable-as-is side pouch pockets expand into panniers, and the slide-on rack system never leaves you with a bag leaning left or right or otherwise insecurely fastened. Plus I just like sliding the bag onto the rack until it clicks - done! No straps to bother with.

Pros: Convenient, secure, lots of space, expandable
Cons: Cost, weight.

zonatandem 03-06-12 05:05 PM

You can utilize a cheap clamp-on to the rear seatpost rack to something elaborate like Onegun uses.
We have a custom full carbon fiber rack.
Lots of choices!

mibike 03-06-12 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Onegun (Post 13939733)
Pros: Convenient, secure, lots of space, expandable

We use the same system and two other Pros are. We have a smaller Topek MTX bag and have racks on all our Tandems and our Triplet so we can slide either bag on any bike. On a tour itís nice being able to slide the bag off and put it in the tent.

gracehowler 03-06-12 09:42 PM

+ 1 on the topeak, great system and fast on/off

Clarabelle 03-07-12 12:19 AM

Because our Mocha has disc brakes, we went with the Old Man Mountain.

akexpress 03-07-12 12:26 AM

We like the topeak system also. We got lucky and found the carbon fiber version rack on closeout and it works great and looks good too!

rdtompki 03-07-12 06:38 AM

We have an OMM rack and Arkel trunk; this combination works very well for us. I'm looking at a warm weather alternative since the Arkel is overkill when we don't have to shed clothing. Got some excellent suggestions in this thread (for the warm weather configuration).

jtexfisher 03-07-12 09:09 AM

It was jackets and phone that got me thinking. Bungee corded folded rolled jackets to the top tubes with strings flopping all over wasn't pretty. Irritating as all get out too when every pedal stroke was a WHAP from a jacket string. :)

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