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pria.berdasi 04-02-12 07:24 AM

my polygon Impression AX tandem bike
I know that maybe it's not the bike park thread so maybe it's wrong to put the picture of my bike here, however it's a tandem bike and I would like to share it here..
what I got here is a Polygon Impression AX tandem bike.. Polygon is quite a big bike company in Indonesia..
Its frame is aluminum, I've upgraded almost the whole bike because actually it comes with a low end component, however the bike frame is kinda sweet so it's worth it to upgrade it to a decent touring tandem bike.. the only downside is the frame only have enough screws to attach 2 bottle cage, I'll have to attach an extra bottle cage holder o the saddle.. the OLD is 135mm and it only come with 1 size.. luckily, that size fit me and my girlfriend
feel free to comment..

CaptainHaddock 04-02-12 08:57 AM

Well, we'd love to comment, but we're not seeing the pic of your ride. Are you sure that you attached the pic?

zonatandem 04-02-12 04:41 PM

Minoura makes a handlebar mount for bottle cages.

Also you could mount double bottle cages attached to stoker's saddle like the triatheletes do.

Welcome to the tandem forum!
Pedal on!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

pria.berdasi 04-03-12 04:23 AM

pria.berdasi 04-03-12 04:25 AM

sorry for the late update of the photos.. and the inadequate photos techniques
the connection here sucks. feel free to comment

CaptainHaddock 04-03-12 07:43 PM

I'm really liking the Tandem, the color scheme is great! So how does leather hold up in that hot / humid weather you guys have? I guess my only concern for her water bottle cage is how that would impact her positioning? I.E. is her chest / neck / chin coming into contact with the cage / bottle? Like ZonaTandem said, maybe you could move that cage to her saddle?

CaptainHaddock 04-03-12 08:35 PM

also, what about something like as a method for adding more cages to your frame?

pria.berdasi 04-03-12 11:11 PM

thx for the comment, captain.
the water cage position doesn't really impact the stoker position because my stoker is new to cycling and she prefer a more upright position..I've considered to move the bottle cage holder into the back seat but I have problem with the brooks saddle.. brooks saddle seems to have wider rail(I have b17 special and brook pro team titanium) width so the minoura bottle cage holder can't fit in it due to the lack of the length of the metal holding it.. for captain saddle I use gyes leather saddle and there's no problem..
oh yeah, about the leather saddle.. I don't think the hudimity and hot air here really a problem, and I think I've never seen a cracked leather saddle here in Jakarta, even on the old vintage bike with leather saddle.. the almost same climate all around the year makes the leather saddle more durable, I think.. CMIIW.. as for my saddle, I always use the Velo Orange Proofide once a month..
btw, I bought this tandem 2nd hand for only 300 bucks.. hehehe.. good deal, huh?
the total weight is about 16 kg, not bad for a tandem, right?
I wonder if 135mm OLD hub will hold up if I'm going to do a century ride..

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