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Williams87 05-20-12 10:36 PM

Tandem Ibis Touche
Tandem People - I have the chance to buy a Ibis Touche - asking price is $2K, from a bike store that will fix it up well. Still seems expensive - apparently was $5K new. Would really welcome some thoughts and opinions here - thanks.

IbisTouche 05-21-12 09:45 AM

Sounds expensive. We bought one of our Touche in spring 2009 - the other at christmas same year: both 3000 dkr (that is around 600 us dollar!). They are a little soft both of them. They are not getting softer but we are prefering stiffer tandems today. The soft Ibis Touche is a lovely tandem to do long randonneuring on as it takes a lot of the stress on the road away.

Pictures and specifications please!

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