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CaptainHaddock 05-21-12 11:13 AM

Draftmaster rack for sale in Portland
I seem to remember seeing a thread in here recently regarding bike racks. Anywho I noticed that someone is selling their draftmaster for $475.00 in the Portland-metro area.

jmmorford 06-12-12 11:47 AM

I tried to send you a PM, but I'm not prolific enough to qualify for PMs on this forum yet. Here's the message I tried to send:

Hey, I saw that you were looking for a rack a few weeks ago. I have a Tandemover rack in great shape that I would like to sell. I'm in Portland and would prefer not to ship. The Tandemover has not been made for several years, but is a great engineering solution for one-person loading. I'm happy to sell it for $150.

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