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Dean20 06-25-12 08:05 AM

child stoker back rest
I'm having a difficult time locating a back rest for my young stoker. I've contacted Adam's and several other retailers and it seems everyone has sold out at the same time and won't be getting any more until september. If anyone knows of someone who has one of these lying around and could help me out, or knows someplace who still has some available, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been watching craigslist and ebay for a while with no luck.

This is what I am looking for, or something similar:

Thanks for your help!

JustWant2Ride 06-26-12 07:32 AM

Several companies sell something similar for "adaptive cycling". BuddyBike sells this one which is sturdy and reasonably inexpensive at $70.

For even more support - Brown Cycles sells a seat post attachment to hold a child seat (similar to a car seat), a toddler seat, or a highback recumbent seat. They are more expensive, but if you need something like them then they are well worth it (the quality is good too).

CharlTandems 06-26-12 02:44 PM

These are well made. They are available in the UK

Dean20 06-27-12 06:36 PM

Thanks for the help. I was able to find a seatback on craigslist that evidently needs some repairs, but it was the right price and hopefully we can get it to work for us.

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