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Tandem Tom 07-01-12 02:34 PM

Our First Rally!
We just finished our first tandem rally. It was the Indiana Tandem Rally in Fort Wayne. Though the weekend started off with that huge storm on Friday we all rode Saturday and today. Hot and humid but great fun and good company. Since my wife and I have only been riding for 10 months it was a great time to pick up some pointers! And everyone was so helpful.
Kudos to the organizers Anne and Kent with 3 Rivers bike Club. Just a fantastic job!!

TeamTi700 07-01-12 04:56 PM

I'll Second That!
This year's Indiana Tandem Rally was even better than last year. We were able to get out on Friday evening for the icecream ride too. The sun was out and we got a close look at all of the damage caused by the 60 mph (with gusts to 91 mph) straight line winds. While the power was out at the host hotel, the temperature dropped from 95 to 68 degrees as the storm went past, leaving us with a pleasent night's sleep.

Without power, quick changes had to be made for the Saturday evening banquet. The hotel managment stepped in, telling our hosts to attend to the riders while they planned a banquet from scratch at a nearby restaurant that had power. The result was some of the best food I've ever had at a tandem rally. By the time we returned from the banquet, the power was back on at the host hotel.

There were 37 teams at this year's event, many returning from last year. While we will be attending MTR 2012 this year, with hundreds of other tandems, these smaller events always seem to have more of a community spirit.

Well done Kent & Anne Ellis!

DubT 07-01-12 06:05 PM

And I will third it. This was only our second tandem rally, the first being the MTR in AnnArbor last year.

The meal at Biaggi's was outstanding.

I thought that Anne and Kent did an outstanding job in spite of the inclement conditions. We rode 13 miles on Friday night and did the short rides on Saturday and Sunday. We thought the lunch on Saturday was also amazing.

To bad we did not meet anyone from the list officially, I assume that we did see each other and ride together. We were the only team from Illinois and rode the white Calfee.

TurfDoctor 07-02-12 12:58 PM

TandemTom, I meet you at the lunch stop Saturday. Glad to hear you had a good time at your first rally.

Yes, Anne & Kent did a great job hosting the event.. The food at Biaggi's was great..

aka. Team Dē

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