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Paul J 04-23-13 06:36 PM

Changing Rear Axle in XT
I tried to do a search but didn't find what I wanted. I have my older XT 140 spaced rear wheel and am wondering if you can change out the axle from the one for 140 to the one for 145 and re-dish. Does anyone know about doing this?

waynesulak 04-24-13 06:32 AM

I have not done it but think your idea would work. See quote below from Tandem Hobbs archive regarding respacing 135mm hub to 140mm :


Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 08:47:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Peter Jon White <PeterJWhite(AT)>
Subject: [T(AT)H] Re: wheels and drop outs
> I would appreciate advice on wheel use with a tandem.
> I just purchased a late 90's 7-speed Burley mountain tandem for winter
> riding. Road conditions will vary from smooth roads to ice to fresh snow
> crusty snow. I have three sets of wheels with slick, knobby and nokian
> studded tires for a single mountain bike I use for winter riding and
> commuting.
> The single, mtn bike wheels have 135mm hubs. Sheldon's web site lists
> 7-speed tandems as having 140mm drop outs.
> I would appreciate advice on using the 135mm wheels on the mtn tandem
> tandem.
> In case it makes a difference, which I doubt, it is the model with a
> softride beam.
I would respace the hub from 135mm to 140mm. Try doing it by sliding the
axle a bit to the left and adding 5mm of spacers to the left side under
the lock nut. If that doesn't leave you with enough axle extended (it
should) 140mm axles are readily available from Wheels Manufacturing.
Then redish the wheel.
Peter Jon White
Peter White Cycles
24 Hall Rd.
Hillsborough, NH 03244
603 478 0900 Phone
603 478 0902 Phax

Paul J 04-24-13 04:38 PM

Interesting, that was what I was think. I had never seen "Wheels Manufacturing" website that he talked about at the end of the post. That is a nice website with some great stuff.

Love to hear from someone who has changed out a Shimano axle.

Chris_W 04-28-13 01:20 AM

I would bet that the hub shells on the 140 and 145 mm hubs are the same, so the difference in width is only achieved by the axle length and spacer combination.

If you know how to overhaul a hub then changing the axle and some spacers at the same time is not much more of a problem.

Paul J 04-28-13 05:43 AM

All set, the LBS had the axle. Now I have another set of wheels. I'm going to use the Arai drag brake on this set. Now I'm trying to decide if the drag brake lever stays with the captian as before or set it up with the stoker. Never done that but this bike is set-up with cable routings from the stoker position. On the Cannondale I had the cable coupler set-up just after one of the guides and then slotted a rubber tubing to work as a shim which fit over the cable, then you just click the lever so it was tight against the in-line cable guide.

Paul J 05-04-13 06:42 PM

Wheels all done
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Got the wheels respaced to 145 and am all set to go. Now I need to get the drag brake set-up for the new bike. I cleaned the decales off the Velocity rims which are looking pretty clean.

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