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RichardT 05-05-13 02:10 PM

Hydraulic brakes on race tandem
Hi all

I'm thinking of mounting hydraulic disc brakes on my race tandem instead of the avid bb7.
SRAM is coming with shifters which might be perfect for this but those are only meant for double and 11 speed.
Does anyone of you have experience with hydraulic brakes on a race tandem in combination with STI levers and 203 mm rotors and for example the Hope remote control with cable input and hydraulic pressure output? I would like to mount a 4 piston set but got no idea which brakes would be the best in combination with the "transformer"

ironhanglider 05-06-13 07:11 AM

Most national associations follow the UCI rules for bikes which do not allow disc brakes to be used on road bikes. (at least for now)
Unless you are racing with a non-UCI affiliated organisation (like I do), or cyclocross, or possibly triathlon even your existing system is a no go. Whilst some clubs turn a blind eye to such things you won't be able to ride it at higher levels.

That being said I'm looking forward to the advent of discs and particularly Hydraulic discs. Upgrade the lot I say, didn't I see SRAM with a huge dinner plate for a cog recently, 42 or so? That should just about eliminate the need for a triple. Whilst not a tandem thread, this one follows the path of one bloke who has taken a road bike through cable brakes to hydraulics and many of the functional issues will be relevant.



RichardT 05-06-13 11:21 AM

Dear cameron

Thanks for your reply. The UCI is not the problem. I stopped with competition last year and this tandem is meant for cycling in the mountains in, for example, France.
I got most of the parts for the tandem but am just hesitating between hydraulic and mechanical brakes.
Pill chech out the link you send me, thanks.


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