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Paul J 05-06-13 06:28 AM

Cannondale off to a new home
Well the Cannondale is off to a new home. We sold it to a young couple in the area who are just getting started. The have an old old Motobecane so this should really be a joy. We did have the Craigslist scam come through and I was such a blackhead when I got the first email. So I have a check for 3 times the amount setting at home. I asked our IT guy about the email when it really started to get fishy and he looked at the IP address and it's from Nigeria. As they refused to tell me where they were from I sent "them" an email saying I was concerned about the shipping cost to Nigeria which of course doesn't get a response but he keeps asking me if the check has cleared yet. I think I;ll go to the Post Office today as I'd guess this is mail fraud. What are your suggestions or horror stories? :-)


mwandaw 05-06-13 08:48 AM

I get at least one questionable email each time I advertise something substantial on Craigslist. My response has been to simply exercise the finger that I use to press the Delete key. If you make a trip to the Post Office to report mail fraud, it might do some good, but I suspect that little can be done, because the sender is in a different country.

To me the more enjoyable part of your posting is that the Cannondale has a new home. We have moved up to nicer tandems three times now. Each time we sold our previous tandem, and each time the new owners were pretty excited about their new steed. It was good to see smiles on their faces!

Paul J 05-06-13 12:26 PM

mwandaw, it is fun to see someone excited about a new bike. I was a little sad but my Stoker was high-fiving as she was putting the funds to a new use. I was hoping to not get a buyer and make it our bike path bike. I was going to say how many folks on this site have multiple tandems but her "look" said not to bring that up. Maybe another day and a different bike. :-)

I called the Post Master and we will see how interested she/he is in working with it. When I Google the business on the check which is in Houston comes up blank. I called information and no listing including the building where the Suite is listed. The mail came from San Antonio and the business apears to be real. I'd love to know if someone in their office used the USPS account and postal equipment.

zonatandem 05-08-13 11:07 PM

On the obvious e-mail scams I reply: 'NO checks'; will only accept South African gold Krugerands.
That cuts off discussion.
Have sold all (4) of our 'old' tandems; always nice to pass on to newbie tandem enthusiasts!

Paul J 05-09-13 11:37 AM

zonatandem where were you when I needed that snappy come back! :-)

Our old GT tandem was traded to a wheel builder in exchange for building our Dyad wheels with the Drag Drum brake. They were originally spaced for the C'dale at 140 so he tweaked them for us last week to the 145 for the new Bushnell. The C'dale is the first one of ours going to a new home, they are young and fit road riders so they will have fun, and the aluminum frame will be sure-footed under a strong team.

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