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Philly Tandem 09-17-13 08:00 AM

Wanted: Co-Motion Mocha S&S tandem, small or medium
We're looking for a used Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot (S&S) tandem, in a small or medium frame size. If you are thinking of selling yours, please send me a note!

Kniegge 03-02-14 06:21 AM

Are you still looking for a tandem? I have a beautiful Mocha for sale.

Big R 03-08-14 05:22 AM


I'd be interested in your Mocha. PM me!

Kniegge 03-11-14 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Big R (Post 16559534)

I'd be interested in your Mocha. PM me!

OK. can you send me your email address. I will send you pictures. I am in Chattanooga TN. What part of the world are you in?


Big R 03-12-14 03:40 AM


I just sent you a personal message via the bikeforums site.

SEPETAL 04-12-14 06:34 AM

We have a Med CPTN,Small Stoker Mocha co-pilot in great shape., in SE Mass for sale.

email me if you are interested.

VastCrew 04-13-14 07:41 PM

Septal, what sized wheels for your Mocha? I've been looking for a tandem for a shorter captain!

CBIslander 04-14-14 05:22 AM


We have a one-piece 26" wheels Cannondale in Covington Louisianna that we left there last year. We're now shopping for another small size tandem. I'm 5'7" and my wife is 5'2" We believe your tandem would ba a good fit us.

Three questions?

1. Is it still on the market?

2. What year was it built?

3. Items included in the sale?


whende 04-21-14 12:51 PM

Co Motion Mocha S&S
26" wheels, great condition, S&S couplers, we have converted to Jeff Jones handlebars, also have all the original drop bars/bar end shifters, custom built for former owner with many upgraded parts. This bike is much more comfortable for me with the 26" wheels. Much more stable on gravel roads. 27 speed, ultegra derailleurs, I can send you pictures if you wish. At 5'2" I can captain this bike, however my husband 5'10" usually captains. Cane Creek shock absorbing stoker seat post is a dream. I am also known as Sepetal.

CBIslander 05-18-14 01:12 PM

Sepetal, Just back from a 4-wk jaunt in USA. Can you email me pictures @ [email protected] or send me a link to view pictures of your Mocha? Tks...

Philly Tandem 05-19-14 02:58 PM

Sorry all, I started this thread but for some reason haven't been getting notifications of responses :-( I believe I have found a Mocha that will work for us, but happy to see that maybe this thread is helping others find one, too!

cmlindsay 09-12-15 09:48 PM

Reviving this thread, looking for the exact same thing!
Hey All,
I know that this is a really old thread but I, too, am looking for a used Co-Motion Mocha tandem CoPilot, medium frame size. The S&S couplings are the dealmaker here, since we want to do some traveling. Does anyone have one they want to sell? We are very excited to trade up from our early '90s Burley Duet.

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